He's been the star of countless photographs since he arrived at Norwich Cathedral and now Dippy the dinosaur has also been captured on canvas in his latest surroundings.

Norwich-based artist Gennadiy V. Ivanov spent 26 to 29 July as an artist-in-residence, painting the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast in the Nave of the Cathedral.

The result was two stunning works of art - one in oil and one in pastel - which celebrated Dippy's latest stop on his nationwide tour.

Gennadiy is no stranger to painting the Diplodocus, having previously presented artwork inspired by Dippy's visit in the Welcoming Dippy to Norwich exhibition which was held at The Forum in July to celebrate the arrival of the Jurassic giant.

Gennadiy's paintings aim to put the spotlight on science through art. He is part of the Transitions science-art project which is linked to the international research programme Global Water Futures which has its headquarters in Western Canada.

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