DNA scientist and author Dr Mandy Hartley is hosting two virtual science workshops which will be available for schools to download later this month.

Pioneering palaeontologist and fossil collector Mary Anning is the subject of a video workshop for Key Stage One meanwhile the Key Stage Two video looks at mammoths and the fossils that have been discovered.

More details about both workshops are below:

Key Stage One
The Story of Mary Anning
Learn about Mary Anning’s discoveries and all about fossils.

Key Stage Two
Should we bring back the Mammoth?
Mandy looks at mammoth fossil discoveries. How were the fossils preserved? Why did mammoths die out? Could we, and should we, bring them back?

Both video workshops will be available to download from Monday 27 September until Friday 8 October only.

schoolsofficer@cathedral.org.uk to request the links to the workshops and Dr Mandy Hartley’s information sheets.